NSSA Race Leagues


We are very pleased to be moving forward through the current Covid situation with the introduction of the National Schools Race Leagues

This programme Provides a nationally accessible competition framework for schools and individuals representing their schools whilst ensuring that events work within the current rules and guidelines from both the government and sports governing bodies.

NSSA  Partnerships Liaison, Dan Humphrey said: “We looked at how we can offer competitive events under the schools banner to those schools, athletes and parents that are clearly very keen to get back to the sport and to be able to offer this in a locally and safely accessible way”

“We believe the National Schools Leagues are a great way to do this, maintaining the ethos of participation and involvement that drives our other events”


What is the NSSA National Schools Race Leagues?

This is another initiative Alpine by the NSSA to get more children involved in snowsports to a competitive level and to offer events at a local level in order to increase acessibility. Open to all school age children, the events will run regularly at numerous venues around the country – A list of venues that are  partnering on this will be available by October half term 2020

How does it work?

There will be a number of centres involved in the leagues and the events will run as below:

At each slope taking part, a course will be set and marked*. Then at least twice per term, the NSSA will run sessions at each slope. Sessions will be 1.5-2 hours long and include coaching.

 During each session, a small group of racers (number dependent on rules of the slope etc.) will attend and run training with our coaches, course inspection and 3 timed runs. These timed runs will be recorded and used toward the final combined results for each venue  (fastest run to count) – likely to be around summer half term.

Results for individuals will be available on our website and likely on GBski, updated after each session.

The current plan is to have a National League finals during the early half of the summer term.

*Due to the need for the course to be the same and marked, the leagues will take place on dry slopes only.



Can I take part in more than one date/venue?

Absolutely! It ia possible for anyone or any school to take part any whatever venues they wish and as many times as they wish. However, only their fastest time at each venue will count for the final result at that venue.


National Final

Those individuals  that are in the top of each venue – the top 3 in each age and gender, using the fastest time across all heats at that venue, will be invited to the national final, to be held after Easter break at a venue to be decided.


Who is it aimed at?

Skiers of all levels, representing their school. They can be National level, club level, or just wishing to try racing. THERE IS NO REQUIREMENT TO HAVE A TEAM TO ENTER THESE EVENTS – INDIVIDUAL ENTRIES ARE ACCEPTED.

Where will it happen?

We have a number of slopes on board and are building this number each year. We will organise the sessions to begin each September, running through to Easter. 


How do I get involved?

Dates and Venues are on this link We will be publishing dates and venues each year during the latter part of the summer term for the next academic year and entry will be online. To ensure that you are kept in the loop, please sign up to our newsletter on the link below, follow us on social media. We can also be contacted on office@schoolssnowsports.co.uk

Newsletter link


Further Information

The National Leagues are part of the NSSA mission to build participation in snowsports through schools and will be delivered at local ski centres across the UK throughout the school year, and we hope, giving many children their first experience of snowsports competition.

We envisage the leagues will continue and build through this year and will fit hand in hand with the NSSA national series which we hope will return next year (2021).


Can I Take Part as an Individual?

Those individuals who cannot get a team together will be more than welcome to take part in these races as part of the inclusive ethos of the NSSA


How much does it cost?

The cost of entry will be similar to other races.


The NSSA aims to be the go to organisation for schools Snowsports in the UK.

Find out more and join us today!