Schools Level One Instructor Course



As part of the NSSA mission to increase participation across snowsports in general through involvement with schools, we are pleased to partner with IASI to offer the level one alpine instructor qualification from 15 years old, exclusively through the NSSA. This programme expands our offering to offer opportunities beyond training or competition at school level and give more options to schools snowsports participants.

This is an opportunity for kids, who have taken part in snowsports thriough their school, to use these skills and experience in a positive way to give them further options. Whether this is to work at a local centre to earn extra money through uni or college or the first step in a snowsports career, we believe that this utilises skills and experience already gained through participation at school and build on it.

Information on the NSSA ands IASI partnered Level One course for schools candidates?

We are happy to announce that we will be running a level one course on the following dates at the SnowCentre, Hemel Hempstead.

26th – 30th October 2020 – Now Full

14th – 18th December – places available


£450 course fee

£175 slope fees

This course, normally a 6 day when held in the mountains, will be run over 5 days indoors and will be open to candidates of 15 years and above. This is a course specifically run for the National Schools Snowsports Association by IASI.

The Level One instructor course is the first step in the Alpine Instructor Pathway and is a certified Ski Teaching course.

We and the NSSA have worked with IASI to allow candidates to take this course at from their 15th birthday (it’s usually 16) in order that they can complete the course and then work through the other required modules, allowing them to receive their teaching license as soon as they are 16 and can work at a local ski centre at that point. 

Some centres may allow them to work before this but that is at the discretion of their management and dependent on the insurance cover of the centre.

We would ask that all those interested attend a 2 hour pre assessment before being able to book onto the course, unless they have prior national level race experience. 

The other modules required for licensing are the same across all instructor associations and are listed below.

First aid qualification

Teaching shadowing hours with a ski school (UK based or alpine) – we can help with this

Child welfare course – 3 hours online

A portion of the fee will be paid to the NSSA in order to fund schools snowsports initiatives going forward.

More information on the qualifications and IASI can be found here

The entry at 15 years old is only available under the NSSA programme.

Please let me know if you are interested in this course as numbers will be limited with group sizes of 5 per trainer. All covid guidelines for return to sport will be observed. We also have a refund policy with regard to covid restrictions (details available on request).


The NSSA aims to be the go to organisation for schools Snowsports in the UK.

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